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Seeking to be Good Stewards

Theologically Minded

At Dominion Wealth Strategists, we are a team made up of Christians who are as concerned about theological precision and accuracy as you are. Our goal is to be a resource for churches to help them apply biblical principles to modern finances, and steward their church's finances to the glory of God.

Ethically Driven

Our financial ethics are rooted in Scripture, so we are dedicated to ensuring that a church's finances are being used to their utmost potential while maintaining the church's risk tolerance, an eschatological time horizon, and careful allocation of church funds into Christian financial institutions and companies.

Congregationally Focused

Your congregation is the earthly means God uses to sustain the financial needs of your church. We will help them get their financial households in order so that they are free to give more generously. What good, true, and beautiful things could your church accomplish if every family was able to give just 10% more?

Coming Soon!

We are in the process of developing a workbook-based curriculum designed to teach basic financial stewardship to entire congregations. Budgeting, debt management, savings and more all from a distinctly Reformed perspective.

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