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Reforming your Financial Future

· Reformed financial education, advice, and strategy

· Licensed and certified professionals

· Holistic plans from baptism to burial

Free Consultation

Holistic Approach

With our unique business structure, we can ensure that your finances are taken care of from every angle. Budgeting, debt management, insurance, securities, business finance, and estate planning. We aim to bring the highest quality of financial advice, strategy, and planning to solve your every financial problem whether it be personal or business.

Take Dominion Over your Wallet

As with all of God's good gifts, we want to be faithful stewards. In the same way a shepherd can help you tend your flock, allow our associates to come alongside you and help you optimize your finances. All of our agents are convictionally Reformed Christians who share your same values and are working toward the same ultimate end: the glory of God.

Your Goals, Your Values, Your Plan

Fully personalized, financially optimized, always Reformed.

Dominion Wealth Strategists is super helpful! I've learned so much and really feel like I'm on track financially! Highly Recommend!

Bryan Gallagher, CA

Our Process


Introductory Overview

We do a lot here at Dominion, so this meeting is designed to explain everything. We'll get to know you and your family's unique situation, and you'll get to know us and more about what we can offer. At the end of this meeting, if you would like to take advantage of our services, we'll collect the necessary data and schedule a financial consultation.


Financial Consultation

We've gotten to know you, your goals, and your current financial situation. Now it's time for our recommendations.

Plans will vary significantly from client to client, but will generally include help with budgeting, life insurance polices, and how to allocate your discretionary income towards savings, debt, and retirement.


Financial Follow-up

We can't always get everything done during your financial consultation, so we may set a follow-up meeting to cross t's and dot i's.

This type of meeting is also available for any client for any reason: annual check-ups, questions about 401(k) allocations, significant financial changes, etc.

Distinctly Reformed

From Baptism to burial, Dominion has you covered.

  • Where are you located?
    Our services are completely remote. We hold licenses in all 50 states and are more than happy to meet on Zoom, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home!
  • How much do you charge for meetings or advice?
    We do not charge for meeting with us. We are compensated on the backend by the companies we do business with, so every meeting with us is completely free. The only time any money changes hands is in the case of an account transfer or in setting up of a new account.
  • What kinds of financial services do you provide?
    Dominion is a full service financial firm, which means that we provide financial advice and services of all kinds. Basic budgeting, emergency funds, growth strategies, life insurance, and complex estate planning are all within our vast network of resources.
  • What sort of person are these services for?
    Legally we can only offer our services to American citizens and permanent residents. Our heart is for the church specifically, but we are happy to take on clients no matter their religious affiliation or lack thereof. Whether you want to set up an investment or savings account for a child or you want to help stretch your retirement just a little bit further we have the financial knowledge, products, and services to help.
  • Are you hiring?
    In a word, no. We do offer internships from time to time, so if you have a background in finance or sales and are interested in working with our team please ask an associate for more details.
  • What sorts of educational material do you provide?
    We will be launching a media arm within the next year to provide educational audio and video content through TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.
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